Curren$y - Viva La Life (feat. Corner Boy P) (2013)

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Curren$y - Viva La Life (feat. Corner Boy P) lyrics

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Fuck what you say lil nigga
I just smoked your Rolex
Right hand in his boot homes
Might have you a roach left
Your girl gonna promote Jets
Anywhere she go yup
That's why you be so stressed
That's why you be so pressed
Not sure where we go next
But I collect that show check
Make her money every night
Just to say what I write
So high under flashing lights
Niggas will kill you for this life
Niggas will kill you for this ice
But diamonds look good on me right
They gonna hate you anyways
That's what I heard Gucci say
So early tomorrow morning
My new foreign on them Forgi's
I'm stacking we back to touring
Brung some cars with us we towing
Two buses, two trucks with trailers
Eight Impalas on it, yeah

[Verse 2: Corner Boy P]
Niggas hate but I still love 'em
[Fuck my?] saying I ain't doin' enough for 'em
Same niggas who watched my growth
I would've rode for 'em, took one for 'em
These feelings they friends get
When they feeling like you getting rich
Changing on me like N-O weather
You don't get no pass, you supposed to know better
Grind for it it'll come to you
Shit I shouldn't be the one to tell you
I'm living proof when I'm sliding through
I'm something else ho they ain't tell you
Them diamonds on me like they ?
We on top ain't falling off
And life's a bitch it fucked plenty niggas
You gonna need more than a condom homie