Curren$y - The Ultimate High (2015)

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Curren$y - The Ultimate High lyrics

Yeah, yeah, I ended up talkin' to the ho too
Yeah, yeah, good lookin' out, good lookin' out
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Rolls Royce, paper plates, no tint
Fish bowl, pull it up like a YouTube video
Look it up, views up, take a poll
How many of them other niggas this cold?
Wrist froze, but it's nothin' new
I roll accustomed to stuntin' on suckers, that's what I do
For the last few days, bettin' money on games
Side bettin' on Madden
Breakin' cash and rollin' fat ones and not passin'
Pedal-mashin' the classic, blast from the past
Hella fast, did the whole dash in a flash
Smokin' on that, only grown that…
On restricted location where them suckers never go at
New Orleans bomb wit' homes all over the map
Call them hoes over, we fuck in an hour flat
I gotta roll, dice throw
I chose to show up on television wit' my eyes low…
Cause I figure, "Fuck it, homie, they already know"
Everywhere I go listen, so
And I'm fresh like these Bapes were just baked, where's the stove?
I gotta cook, then scrape the plate, they want more
They on though and it's all in a flow
Money all in the wall, all in the floor
Wit' your wildest dream behind my garage door
We are the audio narcos, cocaine in the aux cords
We drug lords, take the party outdoors
Dock the yacht, then start the sports cars
This is what I grind for, flashback, my apartment
Burnt holes in my dirty carpet
Whole time wit' my mind on boss shit
Plot on it 'til this accomplished
Large amounts, accounts countin' commas
Schemes is countless, suckers not around us
Fuck the scoundrels, leave them niggas where you found it
Designer imposters prentendin' to be mobsters
They are not monsters, bogie men neither
I'm hot up and I'm bothered
Sucker-free, this is me, a capital G
Everyday, all day, highs up in the mornin' wit' the homie Sway

Yeah, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me
Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me
Told you, told you, yeah