Curren$y - The Mack Book (2016)

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Curren$y - The Mack Book lyrics

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
This was crafted by the masters
To be played on the block
In the project hallways of secluded mansions
I shot a video once
With French Montana in the Hamptons
He brought a hundred chicks through
Coke boy magic
I was rolling fat ones
I always had that pack son
When Tity Boi was the only one
Calling the weed gas
I came up with a nice plan
To stack some mean cash
I done this move
Away from the stash spot I cruise
On the way to my next move
My best move, you best move
Or get wrecked
That's real life that's not a threat
The crib big still got wings like a jet
Wings like a plane
Elevators, hella steps

(Unknown sample)

[Outro: Curren$y]
Feel like a player
Straight game
Commentators, fans, haters, spectators
All in the same stadium
Only one can win
Will it be you or one of them?