Curren$y - Scottie Pippen (feat. Freddie Gibbs) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1 - Currensy]
, Showing no signs of letting up
, Still kick you in the head like I think
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Curren$y - Scottie Pippen (feat. Freddie Gibbs) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1 - Currensy]
ZH: [诗歌 1-Currensy]

EN: Showing no signs of letting up
ZH: 没有迹象的放弃

EN: Still kick you in the head like I think
ZH: 仍然像我想把你踢中头部

EN: You on the verge of getting up
ZH: 你起床的边缘

EN: No mercy, Cobra Kai, Cobra commando
ZH: 没有怜悯,眼镜蛇偕眼镜蛇突击队

EN: Deadly venom spitting, n-ggas just a salamander
ZH: 随地吐痰、 n-藤黄总酸只蝾螈的致命毒液

EN: I’m living the life worthy capturing on camera, documented
ZH: 我的生活值得上相机,记录捕获

EN: How one of the last lives was deaded
ZH: 如何最后生活之一是 deaded

EN: How I rolled up in the drop, how I rolled up that sticky
ZH: 我在下降中卷起,如何我卷起粘滞

EN: How I rolled with them women, elegant player, no sippin’
ZH: 我与他们妇女,优雅的球员,没有细品如何回滚

EN: How I f*ck them to sleep?
ZH: 怎么我 f * ck 他们睡觉吗?

EN: How I woke up out the building when I was finished
ZH: 我如何醒来了建设完成的时候

EN: Keep it G, them n-ggas not original they muthaf-cking house of mirrors
ZH: 保持它 G,他们 n-藤黄总酸不原始他们世上华君家的镜子

EN: Not quite the image, I’m on that Popeye spinach
ZH: 不完全的形象,我对那个大力水手菠菜

EN: Mama mai-tai sippin, she loves a square n-gga
ZH: 妈妈迈泰抑郁,她爱平方米的 n gga

EN: But now she trying something different
ZH: 但现在她尝试不同的东西

EN: Windy City Bulls, mention the Nets, wool jackets and sweats, Scottie Pippens
ZH: 风城公牛,提到的蚊帐、 羊毛外套和盗汗,斯科蒂 · 皮蓬

EN: My description, high of that fuzzy green prescription
ZH: 我的描述,那模糊的绿色处方的高

EN: Lying if I said that I isn’t
ZH: 如果我说并不是,说谎

EN: If you looking for that n-gga: I is him
ZH: 如果你在寻找那 n gga: 我就是他

EN: All eyes in this direction, a burden and a blessing
ZH: 所有的眼睛在这一方向、 负担和祝福

EN: [Freddie Gibbs]
ZH: [房地美吉布斯]

EN: Reporting live from the devil’s pad
ZH: 从魔鬼的垫现场报道

EN: Breakfast here: two titties, two plus and a turkey bacon sandwich
ZH: 在这里早餐: 两个乳房、 两个加号和土耳其培根三明治

EN: 2 seeds with eggs and bread jelly
ZH: 2 种子与鸡蛋和面包果冻

EN: My hoes they rarely pop that p-ssy,
ZH: 他们很少流行那 p 啬,我锄头

EN: They put off in my Pontiac on Pirellis ’82 edition
ZH: 他们把在我上 Pirellis 82 版的庞蒂亚克

EN: Spotters body squatting on sixes?
ZH: 蹲在乱七八糟的检举员身体吗?

EN: Rather be counting stacks than stuck in the county, washing the dishes
ZH: 而将计数堆栈比困在县,洗碗

EN: Or washing drawers in the pen ?
ZH: 或洗笔抽屉吗?

EN: I had to go pay the correct correctional officer to walk him in
ZH: 我不得不去支付正确惩教主任走在他

EN: Bail money on debt, come at my neck
ZH: 保释债务上的钱,在我的脖子来

EN: Plus that boy cause that same place where him ? where he slept
ZH: 再加上那个男孩会导致同一地点在哪里他吗?他睡过的地方

EN: I issue eternal rest, sign up and be a subscriber
ZH: 我发出永恒的安宁、 签约和将订阅服务器

EN: The price of life thats so high that I must make sure I stay higher
ZH: 生命是如此之高我必须确保的代价我呆更高

EN: Stay with the purp out of piso?
ZH: 留出 piso 紫吗?

EN: Smacking as deep as needles
ZH: 吧唧一样针深

EN: They run in the rock just like I play quarterback for the eagles
ZH: 他们运行在岩石中,就像我玩老鹰队的四分卫

EN: Rando donovan in the mic a
ZH: 在 mic Rando 多诺万

EN: ‘Fore I picked up this mic I was hitting licks
ZH: ' 我捡起打这个 mic 的前甲板舔

EN: Did dirt with plenty disciples
ZH: 确实有很多污垢的门徒

EN: I’m gang bang affiliated, federal investigated, self educated
ZH: 我砰附属的帮派,联邦调查、 自我教育

EN: All my co-conspirators catching cases
ZH: 我的合作者捕案件

EN: I got straight out of college and I made it at home ?
ZH: 我刚从大学出来直和自己在家制作它吗?

EN: But believe I got the balls to clear up all of my altercations
ZH: 但相信我没有胆量来清除了所有我争吵

EN: Leave faces with operations, closed casket console
ZH: 离开的面孔与操作,封的棺控制台

EN: Tryna make million dollars, f-ck a million downloads
ZH: 阿隆让万美金,f-ck 100 万下载

EN: But if that equal the same, smash it up and give me my change
ZH: 但如果这等于相同,捣毁了,给我我的改变

EN: I made a lane up in this game so n-ggas goin’ remember the name
ZH: 我做了一条车道了在这个游戏您如此的 n-藤黄总酸去记住的名字

EN: Gangsta Gibbs ho, two bitches cooking in the crib hoe
ZH: 何议员,在婴儿床烹饪的两个婊子锄帮派吉布斯

EN: Still push a bucket but I ride it like a Benz hoe
ZH: 仍推一桶但我骑它像奔驰锄

EN: Tryna find a bridge ho, to slanging raps, from slanging weight
ZH: 阿隆找到一座桥何,到 slanging 区域行动方案,从 slanging 重量

EN: Said the Fred the new age ? call me baby face
ZH: 弗莱德说的新时代吗?叫我宝宝的脸