Curren$y - Rhymes Like Weight (2015)

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Curren$y - Rhymes Like Weight lyrics

Push Rhymes like Weight (x3)

[Verse 1]
Uh, Smoke one for the mule they arrested her
But they didn't search the [?]
Unpaid traffic tickets, bitch slipin'
Almost got popped with the audio dope shipment
Off the radar really but I'm still living
Stash it, Spin it, Candy paint it
Brush aluminium rimmin' , sport center game givin'
Court Vision, I can lend it if you got enough money to rent it
Prize fighter, Sugar Ray Leonard
I knew it was my night before the sun went down my nigga
Not a sound, we in here
Haters found dismembered in a cloud of killah
Sticky weed, blood on the leaves, provoke me
I wrote these in the back of that ghostly
And them haters throwin' shade like Oakland

[Hook] (x2)
I push rhymes like weight, I push rhymes like weight nigga

[Verse 2]
Spaceship sedans on airbags, Slammed at the airport when I land
Seem you get when they say you the man
With a wave of a hand find yourself in quick sand
Now I'm on whole 'nother, pour me a double
Grandma Yay right away the troubles
Reminiscent the days I struggled, wondered
If I... Ever get up from under
I hustled, loved it, now i'm stuntin' on those
Who said that I'll never be nothin'
Now they see me comin', miles away from 'em
Shine from above 'em, enlightened 'em
You can say I sonned them, Stunned 'em
Run up and then we out gunned 'em
Fire power, smokin' flowers
Time is money, Rolex diamonds on my hours
Looking for another check we can devour

[Hook] (x2)
I push rhymes like weight, I push rhymes like weight nigga