Curren$y - Ox (2013)

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Curren$y - Ox lyrics

Big TV nigga, big ass remote

[Verse 1]
Understand you dealing with the real deal here
Please have a nigga shit laid when I land
Outside baggage claim before Mecerdes Benz sedans
Two for them bitches, two for me and my mans
Behind curtains and glass with gas in my hand
Six million dollar man with plans to expand
[?] with my pothead posse
Jet life all day, money green monopoly
I'm high doing my thing, I am not asleep
And right in my pocket, low rider keys
And right in my pocket rubber band 10Gs
Upper deck in the stadium, champaign taking the game, man
A couple my homies is playing i ain't about to name them
Mobsters move like we don't have vocal pipes
All of that speak and sing is saying
Got alot of Gs like the keys and keys thrown away
No way shape or form could we stop making this
Cake, I'm in the kitchen with a bakers mit
Writing these drugs
You ain't know your plug had a plug
Right by me whole time you ain't know who it was
Hi, dawg
High like buzz
Swoop your momma up death from above
Cause I'm killing her with the game
Circles around her brain
She caught up in the wings