Curren$y - Get Up Bitch (feat. Juvenile) (2013)

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Curren$y - Get Up Bitch (feat. Juvenile) lyrics

[Hook: x15]
Get up bitch

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Back of the spot, smoked out, that's how you find me
Weed clouds around me, bad bitch on side of me
Say she wearing shades so she can watch her nigga shining
Bottom bitch come out on top, cause she really riding
Know them tires sliding
Fastest thing in the parking lot, that's mine mama
Now gon' get inside it
Wave bye to your partners, windows clearer than Vodka
Only tinted my silver Bentley that came with a driver
Back at the crib, ran through hella bitches in that walk in shower
Try to be lowkey, but they get smashed too good
They go to talking about it
Her best friend looking for me, when she say me I was hopping
Out of that uh..she ain't know what it was but I was looking like drugs to her
And the fur laid, paid
Polar bear skin rug love, you tryna' do
Say what?

Get up bitch

[Verse 2: Juvenile]
My neck game be moonwalking, wrist game be bus stopping
Earrings be two stepping, tee game be pussy popping
Smoke good, feel good, walk right, swag up
Money right, stacked up, now whoop this nigga won't act up
I'm thugged out in this bitch, got a whole club on my wrist
Money, women, and fast cars, I love all of that shit
Whatever you heard about a real nigga, I does all of that shit
East, West, South, Mid-West, I got plugs in all of that shit
But up towns my stomping, dope game be jumping
And we got whatever you need it, all depends on who want some
Glock next to my johnson, big dog on my function
Ice game like hockey, I'm confident and I'm cocky
I got Benjamins in my pocket, credit cards in my wallet
A bitch on my dick, and she bouncing up, hydraulic
Then that ho told me she love me, I told her bitch you lying
You don't like me, it's the money
You say that shit all the time

Get up bitch