Curren$y - Frosty (2011)

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Curren$y - Frosty lyrics

Yeah, cut the beat on, the coolest nxgga ever just walked in the room
Cut the heat on, minutes after the call, I remove factory socks, and put brand new sneaks on .
....needs... flow . I'm talkin' bout the C... , holmes.
Castin' lines, while pinnin' bitches at the same time,
Visuals, but you can hear em' doe .
Spit shit you would think unimaginable .
Then makin' tangible, .. the tour is a grab & go.
Hustle hard, homeboy, my family know.

Uh, rarely seen, they know I'm married to my dream.
So in love with the dream, that my bitch everyday threatens to leave,
The only thing that is left for me is to suggest that she do what she please,
Cus on the night that is really cold.. I know that money gon' hold me. yeah