CunninLynguists - Affirmative Action Freestyle lyrics

Deac serves pressure cooked words, I hit em with flames
He's praying god will mist him with rain
that nigga was was vein
He wanted to mime up in this for me
I'm not feelin it playa
Kentucky niggas real with flavor
my name twice
Deacon the Villain
Deacon the Villain
Getting called dope so much that police think he's stealin
In the streets, don't be killin
Yes he's for the children, but also for adults that be stealin
Just to put the meal on the table
Some niggas shout me, some niggas doubt me
I'm dope with a lot of poof like what goes down in alkie's mouth piece
Here in the southesast, fightin with flows
Like when the clouds be puttin on lightening shows
He's the man with some badass nigga rows
can rock a mic and all of the women know
The cock will fight in the playpen beated up
Kin folk cunninlynguists stay weeded up
really all i need is trees and the dutch
then i let my freestyle eat it up
here's a sample
but first, let me swallow saliva
these rappers in here, thinkin they lie within than me
I got six more bars to cause casualties
Like a white t-shirt, niggas they be hurt
when they step up in the cypher
Niggas they really thinkin they are Tony the tiger
They think they're great, but really their fate
is to get ate, this nigga that represent Kentucky state
back to the written, the raps that his is spittin are
similar that lacks, in the south when you pimpin hard
mean green in the clean, my queen fresher than spring
great things next for my team on the scene
slangin them tapes, see em hangin with grapes
on the vine, gettin the bird out
getting fans, groupies, do my piece in the bird's mouth
I'm human consuming only enough not to be hungy
My fate at this rate, lord I gotta see money on this plate to your face
listen dont try nothin funny in this race, you won't place
bout to holla it's sunny, my girl's face, at least i ate
ass gotta be chunky too, get up with my kin
we are gone of that punch and brew
Under my skin and i might just be punchin you
This is just a little random somethin bout us country fools
we in the back and we doin it right