Crystal Kovach - Underground lyrics

That's a hell of way to start out the day
You pull down the blinds and turn away
You know that I'm right that something's not right
When the morning hurts your eyes

Oh God what an ache inside your head
And tell me who is that lying in your bed
Your memory's gone now the normal lights are on

Tear it up, wear it down in the Underground
Now you're lost in the onslaught of sound
Take the pill in your hand, down it fast as can
Go Underground

Swallow it down, there's no one around

No one's in pain here it's not allowed
Everyone's your kind, no need is denied
When you leave the mask behind

There's nothing but sound, you're feeling it pound
Four in the floor never felt so good
The work day is gone, now you can make up for all of the harm


Open your eyes / Look at the sky
Look at your sleeping children lie / Where do you go
Where do you turn now