Cryptic Slaughter - Wake Up lyrics

When you're on drugs you're unaware
Can't face reality because you're scared
Do you do it because you like the taste?
Can't you see you're better off straight?
You say it makes you feel great
But you're just using it for an escape
Can't you see enough is enough?
So why don't you just wake up
Can't you see waht you're doing is wrong?
You know if you keep it up you're gone
Smoke and drink just to be cool
Can't you see you're just another fool?
Why do you say I preach to you?
Can't you see I'm trying to help you?
I watch you throw you're life away
But in the end, you will pay
You say you don't need it to get by
But you know it's another lie
I give up trying to help you
Now it's all up to you