Cry Of The Afflicted - The Influence Of False Pretense lyrics

While passing judgement reigns.
And this face is not our own.
The evidence is on display.
And I fear its treason now.
Betrayed by these teachers revered now.
Who claim to love us, yes love us the most.

Guilty by association.
Can I lay this down, go underground?
Please show me the destination.
Where deception falls
And truth still calls by name.

Ascended to a throne,
They've raised on empty vows.
Held against the smallest debt.
And this tainted glory found.
Can't wash all the blood
From their hands now.
This blood they've hidden
Will soon be revealed.

Now we stand accused, we stand accused.
We face the hate, the scorn of those
Who've been betrayed.
But our hope is justice for the crimes they
Commit in your name.