Crushead - Counting My Days lyrics

I wake up in the morning
te night is spent undone
and now I start a daydream
about my crazy turns.
Moves and faults they circulate
inside my little brain.
The people I´ve been out with
and those who waste my gain
A lot of girls i´ve dissapointed, this is how i´ve been
and now they´d never gonna reach for me.

I am a dreamer, watch my life go on.
I am a screamer, into a crazy world
I´m a termentor, screeching to the courtyard.
Enjoy my time here - counting my days.

I´m driving on a highway
through good times and through bads
leave all the shit behind me
i´m fighting for my rights.
My life ist pretty crazy
my IQ´s like the one of a frog
but that is not important
i´m marching to the dawn.
I walk across the borders
no fronts and no regrets.
Follow me if you can
you satans fucking dirty cracks.

I am a dreamer...