Cruciform Injection - Exorcise The Living lyrics

I am the second coming
See the masses all come running
All the idiots so below me
All trying just to see
he greatest living being
The world has ever seen
For two thousand years
People come, I am here

Curses exit my open mouth
Feelings pent, pouring out
In a world of ignorance
Blessed are thou simpletons
Waiting for them all to die
I ask why
Hatred stems from lack of love
No help received from above
Surrounded by a mindless horde
I abstain from getting bored
We attack with righteous swords
I am God

Discerning only lack of thought
My intentions will be sought
Killing only to appease
Ridding us of disease
Sight is lost, never found
I was wrong

Tears of the trodden
Selfish, and used
Unforgiven, tortured, abused
Don't ask me for methods and reasons
I am the Satan for all seasons
Helpless and lost
My anger ceases
Only after my soul releases