Crown Of Thorns - The Healer

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Crown Of Thorns - The Healer lyrics

Someone you bear your soul to
Someone that’ll never leave you
Who’ll be there ‘til the end of time
In the hour of my waking I can feel my body shaking
From the fear I feel inside
I will not mislead you ‘cause through the fog I see you
Oh, oh

What we really want to know
Can we let our feelings go?
Put our last trust in the healer
Will we see the light of day or will he take it all away?
Can we put our last trust in the healer?

Valahalla shouts a warning
Our desperate hearts are longing
To try to find the true sign
So it rained and rained from the sky
And we set our fears aside and planned
Our journey home


Oh mystic healer, please show us the way