Crown Of Autumn - Towers Of Doleful Triumph lyrics

Oh my doleful betrotehed, enbewered in baleful marvels thou art
Thou chariotest the soft of evil as whilome you did
A host of shadows sings for mee
The lamentucus quire of dead leaves in blushful woods
From ivy-mantled towers I hark
The thunder'fit urging from the horizon's dim verge
The drawbridge it slowly lowers
And a legion of armoured spectres rides towards the walls of fog...

Sire dell'Imbrunito Regno
Del dorato tuo manto la vista m'enfiamma 'l cuor
Scuro è 'l color del verbo tuo
Quando m'encanti con storie d'antico splendor

From my blade and dudgeon drop gouls of blood, the blood of thy vermal foe
To dumb forgetfulness a prey, death swallows Aurora's vows of hope
On carpet of sapless foliage thou stalk whilst Zephirus swells your cloak
A Supernat Kingdom built of dreams, such wilt thou be to mee...