Crossfire - All I Need lyrics

I still remember , the times I was with you
When love was pure , and dreams came true
But now I find myself , just sitting in this room
Searching for answers , staring at the moon

Don't you know that we were meant for each other
There's no use of looking other ways
If there's a chance that we can be again together
I promise baby , I'll never walk away

All I need is you , to be right here
To feel you by my side
There's no other way , I want you here
To hold you in my arms

The look of your sweet smile , is always in my head
The smell of your body , all over my bed
How could I been so wrong ?
How did I let her go ?
I just can't help it , I feel so alone



And after all those nights
I thought it'd never end
I wanna move on with my life
I need to break the chains , ohh


Oh oh oh