Cross Canadian Ragweed - On The Right Path lyrics

Gotta get back to the plan
Had my head buried in my hands
Gotta get back to the man
That i used to know

Gotta get back to what i should
Walkin around lost in the woods
Ive been so misunderstood
And I let it show

Im on the right path now
Thought i completely forgotten how
Worried about everybody under the sun
Gotta take care of number one
Im on the right path now

Well i gotta find what makes it click
Throw it down and make it stick
It used to be three feet thick
Not so long ago

So much weighin on my time
Losin faith in my prime
I aint gonna lose my mind
And hear i told you so


I dont care what the cost
Name the price ill take the loss
I cant take anymore of thinkin what I thought

I'm on the right path now.