Cross Canadian Ragweed - Go On And Lie lyrics

Roll on cut it off, fit it to the seams
Got a brand new designers shirt so tuck it down in your jeans
Polish up your dancing shoes, how can they refuse
You put your 20 dollars down on Saturday night bull

And the taste of cigarettes never did that much for you
But you light one right after another one because they tell you its so good
Slip into your brand new silver retro mini skirt
Make sure that it matches with the letters on his shirt

Go on and lie
If it gets you through the night
Don't even try
Do what you think is right
Its all part of their master plan
They got you in the palm of their greasy hands
Go on and lie
If it gets you through the night

Check out Casanova Joe, one more number for his book
He stepped to every entire prom queen she's sendin' him that look
He promises her all kinds of diamonds, He promised her brand new clothes
He'd give her the world on a silver dollar but he blew it all up his nose