Crooked I - Sweet (Freestyle) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, They talking to me like..
, They talking to me, right?
, They saying..
, [Verse 1]
, Ye...
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Crooked I - Sweet (Freestyle) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: They talking to me like..
ZH: 他们说喜欢我...

EN: They talking to me, right?
ZH: 他们说话是我的吗?

EN: They saying..
ZH: 他们说...

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Ye shall be blessed if thou worketh
ZH: 叶应福如果你工价

EN: So for fifty two weeks, I showed you my style perfect
ZH: 所以五十两个星期,我给你看我风格完美

EN: Once in a while, one of the realest niggas shall surface
ZH: 偶尔,一个是最真实的爱应表面

EN: I’m C.O.B., plus I slaughtered all the house verses
ZH: 我是 C.O.B.,再加上我屠杀所有房子经文

EN: It’s foul circus, I vow to hold it down
ZH: 它是犯规马戏团,誓言要按住不放

EN: It’s my proud purpose
ZH: 这是我感到自豪的目的

EN: When the crowd purchase my sound, make yours sound malnourished
ZH: 当人群购买我的声音时,让你听起来营养不良

EN: My mouth curses, please excuse the views
ZH: 我嘴里的诅咒,请原谅意见

EN: Only four letter word I never use is “lose”
ZH: 我从来没有使用的只有四个字母单词是"失去"

EN: Slaughterhouse headlines, yeah my crew’s the news
ZH: 屠房的头条新闻,是我的船员的新闻

EN: Domestic violence and pet names, yeah we abusing booths
ZH: 家庭暴力和宠物的名字,是的我们滥用亭

EN: Better store the metaphors
ZH: 更好地存储隐喻的

EN: Nigga, remember these similies
ZH: 黑鬼,还记得这些 similies

EN: So when you say you’re better off yelling — nigga, please
ZH: 所以,当你说你是好大叫 — — 黑鬼,请

EN: By any means necessary I became legendary on the Internet
ZH: 由任何必要手段我成为了传奇上互联网

EN: It’s like I screwed the computer
ZH: 就像我搞砸电脑

EN: And my next block is fucking your desktop
ZH: 我的下一个块他妈的你的桌面

EN: Like having sex with a secretary — you get it, Jack?
ZH: 像跟一位秘书上床 — — 你得到它,杰克吗?

EN: My intellect is a ball, brains given to me by teachers
ZH: 我的智慧是一个球,给我的教师的大脑

EN: Who predicted I’d be homeless bumming a cigarette — huh
ZH: 谁预言我会无家可归讨一支烟 — — 是吧

EN: You got me mixed like the letters when a dyslexic send a text
ZH: 你把我当诵读困难发送文本混合在一起像字母

EN: This is where my destiny interjects
ZH: 这是我的命运在兰屿

EN: In the ‘jects where the gats bang
ZH: 在 ' 改哪里服务贸易总协定邦

EN: I’m fresh off B.E.T, but looking like I crack slang
ZH: 我刚 B.E.T,但看起来像裂纹俚语

EN: What up, homie?
ZH: 怎么了,兄弟?

EN: I think I’m living like the bosses deserve
ZH: 我觉得我生活像老板值得

EN: Cause I’m the C.E.O. of my balls and my word
ZH: 因为我的我的蛋蛋和我 word 执行总裁

EN: I’m burying beats in the cemetery dirt
ZH: 我在墓地里埋节拍污垢

EN: Abusing the music like the producers should’ve sent it to me first
ZH: 滥用的音乐像生产者应该已经寄给我第一次

EN: Tracks get shat on like toilets get sat on
ZH: 曲目让狗虱像厕所让坐在

EN: Beats get spat on, Long Beach hat on
ZH: 节拍把唾沫长滩的帽子上

EN: The top five, least I see myself inside
ZH: 前五名,至少我看到自己里面

EN: Cause who fucking with us — “us” being me, myself, and I?
ZH: 导致谁耍我们 — —"我们"是我,我自己和我吗?

EN: Yeah, I’m sending rappers to the afterlife
ZH: 的我派说唱到来世

EN: You arrogant cowards — you a dick and a pussy, you a hermaphrodite
ZH: 你傲慢的懦夫 — — 你的老二和猫,你是雌雄同体的

EN: I’m something soft in this game, that’s what they acting like
ZH: 我是在这个游戏中,这就是他们都像什么软的东西

EN: Nigga, I’m from the gutter where a G.E.D. is a bragging right
ZH: 黑鬼,我是从水沟成人高考哪里吹牛吧

EN: And some nigga named Marvin describes the appetite
ZH: 一些黑鬼叫马文描述食欲

EN: A sea on a horse, a hundred watt bulb
ZH: 一匹马,一百瓦的灯泡上的海

EN: That’s my description when I grab a mic
ZH: 这是我的描述,当我拿 mic

EN: Cause I’m high as a satellite
ZH: 原因我作为卫星的高

EN: You haters get your chatter right
ZH: 讨厌你你噜右

EN: Young’un, I been here a while
ZH: 小猪,我在这里已经一段时间

EN: I could’ve been a quitter a long time ago
ZH: 我可以一直懦夫很久以前

EN: Bitter a long time ago
ZH: 很久以前苦

EN: But if success is a bitch, Crooked is gon find the ho
ZH: 但如果成功就是个婊子,弯曲是尼泊尔政府发现何

EN: She can hide, I’m seek her like “Eeny-miny-mo”
ZH: 她可以隐藏,我会寻找如"Eeny-几种-钼"寻找她

EN: Too many rap verbals around you dummies
ZH: 围绕你假的太多 rap 那些

EN: I’m like them rubber bands on a hundred grand
ZH: 我喜欢他们上十万的橡皮筋

EN: I rap circles around you, money
ZH: 我说唱绕着你的钱