Crooked I - Never Been (Freestyle) (2010)

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Crooked I - Never Been (Freestyle) lyrics

Is that yo.... BITCH!
Yea, she mighty fine
Kinda mami designed to be wine & dine
But im from the east side and im
Not payin for shit, why, Pussy free ninety nine!
I preach from the pulpit
And im like the merryl lynch logo, im on some ol get money bullshit...
Fucked up is what you'll get
Im nuts wit da hammers, so loose screws bitch im a tool kit!
Leave me alone, im bondin with the universe, only reason i shot iz i thought u would do it first, daz the shooter's curse, u went out with a bang like a person who flat lined after he screwed a nurse!
Man! Im in ma coupe feeling stupid, high outta ma mind, wonderin where my roof iz
Am i in a convertible, or iz the roof translucent, daz why im lookin through it, oh, im on my newness, yall runnin around, sellin ya soul wit strings attached, u in da shoe biz
A four headed monster iz wut ma group iz, we grew up in da slum village around cool kids
where rappers used to school kids, now they just dive in da water wit kids and take a pool wiz
To me, the death is hip hop is less funny, i never let money take respect from me, or let the world get the best of me, the hood get the rest of me, till what's left of me is a test dummy
Can't a real nigga make cash? And leave dat fake shit behind me, like bitches with a fake ass?
Half of you rappers who make trash, So i wouldnt watch it bootleg from the arabs on 8th ave?
Took it out, after i put it right in, threw it out the window, it wouldnt even fly then!
Im a big fuckin deal, ask Biden, the flow walkin on water just like Poseidon, with a trident, i get rich or die tryin', just like dat nigga 5 times 10!
So event, u see me there faithfully, Im in da house, nigga! Like i wuz light skinned during slavery, die for ma bravery, you know my religion, C.O.B. pray for me!