Crooked I - Intro lyrics

You fucking with a nigga hot as a flamethrower
Ready for the rain like my names noah
Ever since i came nigga the games over
Shoot up the range rover
I blow some of your brain on one of your dang shoulders
Deranged when I bangs on ya
Fucking niggas up beyond regconition,
We playing chicken
Im in the neon expedition
Im wishing for collision
Im quick to predict the
Way you gon' swerve
I swerve with cha and hit cha
Picture a nigger hate it like I was adolf hitler
A mixture between a banker and a baseball pitcher
For the way I throw money at them take it off strippers
Who and Im breaking off chippers
Im faded off liquor
Better run with the wind
Or catch a hundred and ten upcuts right under your chin

Then ima rob your pockets
Im so electrifying
I can stick a wet finger in an plug and shock the socket
When I spit even my nemesis duck it
Cuz every sentence was rugged and venom is right from the guinesses ?
An infamous subject I touch them the menaces love it
? fuck it and finished in public
Im just a dogg with new pistols
And I fill you up with so much lead, all of you niggas will bleed number two pencils
I rips every area known
Its offical fashizzel crook is the west coast heir to the throne
Its some ganstas and hustlas who dont give a fck
If youre rolling how we rolling nigga hold your guns up
We rob when were hungry better keep your shit tucked
If you living how we living nigga keep your guns up