Cro-Mags - Seekers Of The Truth lyrics

Wastin my time servin my mind For sense pleasures I can find Gotta get back, back to the truth You know it was left behind It's so easy to see, if you wanna be free Don't wanna be just a slave Cause no matter how you choose You know you'll lose If you ain't looking for the truth Searchin and searchin for something real You gotta know how I feel Cause we been looking after the truth Rejected those lies of our youth You've seen the proof This ain't no spoof They tried to bend the truth And we won't regret the things we met If we're on the path of righteousness Now we gotta, we gotta go back Something ain't right so we gotta, we gotta go back Trace our steps and see what we've done It's time for us to go back to square one You just can't seem to see what I mean You know what I'm talkin about Cause we been in bondage much too long Don't you think it's time to get out See time has taken it's toll and they're in control We can't let this madness last Gotta make our move Get in the groove We gotta do something fast