Criss Angel - U lyrics

You look & glimpse,
There's so much hate, I just don't understand
-(I've come to conclusions,
which I don't understand)-
Loving, hating, killing, the nature of man
-(Do you dare to kill, the nature of man)-
-(The nature of man)-

You take control of my mind
-(My mind is willing but my body is weak)-
-(I'm dying, I'm trying to make myself believe)-
You wait to keep me confined
-(I wish we could pretend it's not the end... end)-

I can't even see,
My blindness, it has come for me
-(The truth's come to me,
I've finally come to see me)-
Lying, trying, now I feel myself, got to murder
-(Trying to try)-


I've come to conclusions which I don't understand
...(repeat x4) ...Understand!

[Chorus] ...-(I wish we could pretend...)-
...[Chorus] ...-(the end)- ...(Run!)