Crimson Spectre - Crimson Spectre lyrics

There is a Spectre haunting capitalism
In its last and dying phase
It's a nightmare on Wall St.
We'll take a pint of blood for every dollar they have made
It's not just the policy
Of a few evil men
It's a blood soaked system
And our dead cry out for revenge
Their secret trade deals choke the earth
But, comrades, witness the rebirth
Vengeance brewing in our minds
A Crimson Spectre shall cleanse the times
As Lenin lies still preserved,
A listless sleep
Though much deserved
The bourgeoisie, their time grows nigh
A Crimson Spectre is on the rise.
They bore very class that will dig their own grave.
Jason masks and Marxist tracts,
Hammers and sickles for the children of the corn.