Crimpshrine - In My Mind lyrics

Am I a white man?
Am I a black man?
It ain't really fair
And my life's been too short to really care
And if I'm black or if I'm white
I doubt I'll ever choose or decide
And I'll still be the same inside
Not gonna clutter my head with stupid pride
And a mind still young, a life just begun
Not old enough to know wrong from right
But young enough to know this ain't my fight...

Everyone speaks in terms of black and white
Lines of separation, segregation yet another fight
The next generation, seems like no one really cares
Only thoughts of making money, doesn't matter if fair ain't fair

All this racist pride grows more and more
We all have minds, stupidity is not what they're for
Look all around me, all I see is hate
Can't let it be this way, Can't ever be too late...

In my mind I can see no black or white...