Crime & The City Solution - Untouchable lyrics

your a feral child
make your home in the wild
and she's got eyes
and they're animal eyes
they mett holes in the ice
eyes burning brights as planet...

you placed the pillow under my head
when I was sick and full of greed

I love her kind
and her kind is in me
she is my night light
she hurts my eyes
she steals my steep
she lives up above the top of the heap
she sixes up above the stock and frict
and she hurts me in my pride
takes away the hatchet knife
that I've kept with me throughout my life
she's untouchable
she's 6's up
and 6's down
yeah 6 stairs up
and 6 steps down

and my heart is full
I like this life
is that OK to you !