Crime And The City Solution - The Sly Persuaders lyrics

The Sly Persuaders appeared in town
Said there was hidden danger all around
So take care
And beware
Of foreign saviours
Violin players
Tax evaders
The door-to-door pest
The permanent guest
Those inexplicable pains in your chest
Well the Sly Persuaders proposed a deal
The Public Saviours heard their spiel
Sometimes you have to be bad to be good
We hope that this is understood
We’ll introduce you to Need
You can meet Avarice, Gluttony and Greed
Why you can rub the tummies
Of these lovely honies
We’ll wash your hands, we’ll wash your monies
The equipment’s paid and bought
Just start at ten and keep adding naught
Nobody going to get caught
We are the hammer to the iron fist
That you are with us we must insist
Please don’t make us slap your wrists
The Public Saviour brought the border down
Over the border they released the hounds
To round up the culprits and bring them back to town
At the station they were bound
And on investigation they were found to be
Foreign saviours
Violin players
Tax evaders
The door-to-door pest
The permanent guest
And each one admitted to the same crime as the rest
Sale of poison and theft from the community chest.