Crime And The City Solution - No Money, No Honey lyrics

She went to the market
ther were men and women there
he said come one honey lets go upstairs
on a red velvet blancket she lays hout her wares
take off you shoes, Jim
you want time and honey
hey I got them right here
you want real meat
go no further
I got my own teeth I got my own hair
hey you want my sister I give you the pair

You want - I give
candy - no candy
You want - I give
no money - no honey, Jim
no money - no honey, Jim

gutter, stash, rhino-cash
I tell you this is good stuff
this is the stuff the Jimes lived and died on
there are sad the have nothing
were are glad we have everything
I - got - black - heels - for your face
split lip - I got salt and I make

Jim's drums in the morning
Jim's drums at night
Jim's drums bring order
to our lives
no money no honey
no money no honey

go no further
no mony no honey Jim
- no time -