Creed - Hide (2002)

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Creed - Hide lyrics

To what do I owe this gift, my friend?
My life? My love? My soul?
I've been dancing with the Devil way too long,
& it's making me grow old... making me grow old

Yeah, let's leave all this,
And get away - Get lost in time,
Where there's no reason left to hide (repeat)
...No reason to hide

What ya goin' to do with your gift, dear child?
Give life? Give love? Give soul?
Divided is the one who dances,
For the soul is so exposed... so exposed

[Chorus (alt)] (minus 1st "Yeah")
...No reason to hide

There is no reason to hide... (x4)

[Chorus x1.5] ...No reason to hide
-There is no reason to hide
-No reason to hide (- repeat)