Crashing Jericho - Debt I Owed lyrics

I will sing an endless song in glory
And I will choose to bow before the King
Lord you are the one who wrote my story
And the reason why I love to sing

So I?m here to praise your name
But I?m not here for my own fame
So I bow before your throne
Because you paid the debt I owed.

I used to be so deep in sin I could not see

Or even begin to understand
Why you would shed your Holy Blood to die for me
And when I fall, you reach out your nail-scarred hands

Hallelujah X 3, you covered all my sins, and gave me peace within

He paid a debt I did not know I owed a debt I could not pay I needed someone to wash my sins away. So now I sing a brand new song, Amazing Grace, because he paid a debt That I could never pay.