Crashdog - Midnight Ride lyrics

A roaring train passed by window pane in the middle of the night.
It took its toll as it should my soul,
going at the speed of light.
My eyes rolled back in a Cadillac as it raced me to my fate,
Shot through the rain, straight in my vein.
No time to hesitate.

In know your name, I know your pain.
I've been there once before.
Through the doubt there is an out,
I know the open door.

Took a knife up against my life to end all that I know.
Through the tears, in the fears, I wondered where I'd go.
My eyes were shut as the razor cut,
to take away the pain.
Blood ran fast of a regretful past,
I couldn't clean the stain.

Took a ride with wide open eyes,
to see what I could see.
Met a man with love-scarred hands,
who was nailed to a tree.
Heaven's not a place forgot,
I've hid it in my heart
to arrange some kind of change and have a brand new start.