Craig Phillips - When Grace Walks In lyrics

You?re standing with your list of regrets that you can?t get past yourself
You wish so bad that you could make the mark
But your dreams are stuck on a shelf
And all you want to do is turn back time
And redeem the days you lost
But shame keeps calling out your name
The chains refuse to fall

But it?s not over, it?s not over
This is the moment that grace walks in
With arms wide open, arms wide open
To tell you this is not the end
When doubt is strong and your will is weak to even believe again
That?s when grace, that?s when grace walks in

You once believed that you could change the world

With a fire deep in your soul
Your faith was strong and the call was clear
You were sure you could make a new road
Like so many, the flame grew dark
And your confidence hit the wall
There always seems to be a lot of big questions
But the answers seem so small


Just in the nick of time
Right there to save our lives
Grace is greater
Grace is greater