Cozz - Ignorant Confidence (2018)

Cozz - Ignorant Confidence (2018)
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Cozz - Ignorant Confidence lyrics
[Intro] Ay man forget all that conscious shit, nigga You see these motha fukin shoes, nigga? hah That's how you hit a lick, boy Told you that shit would work, nigga Ay, you know you need to holla at our girl today now that we got all this fly shit, nigga Wish somebody would try today, the way I'm feelin myself [Verse 1] Yeah, look Trust me, I don't like you for a lot of reasons Nigga stop the greens You don't fuck with me or my feelings either Man pledge allegiance to the 'mittee flag Fuck 'em all if they envy that I ain't fucking if she isn't bad Naw fuck that let them titties sag Stomach looking like a henny bag Truck bigger than Jennie's ass Finna [?] But I'm tryna get that Diddy cash So I stick with the pen and pad You're just a penny when we in the lab Yeah, you're nearly trash, Nigga no lie You was doubting me the whole time Stupid nigga, I'm a gold mine White girls? got a whole line Got a main bitch and a side bitch But honestly dog they both mine The status grow, and the asses show No money but I have to have the gold Man, you gotta do what you got to We stole because we got to That's what nigga's on the block do At the mall the bus stops too All the older nigga's got tools I was only like 5' 5" I remember on the way to School They was always tryna test mine Uh uh, Imma eat today Try me, you gon' see today Uh uh, I'm clean today You gon' have to [?] [Bridge] Uh uh bitch nigga you ain't touchin' me today I've been stacking up my motha fuckin money, see these J's You ain't taking nothing from me, ask my size I'll tell you mine Momma didn't raise no dummy you can never take what's mine Uh uh, bitch nigga you can't fuck with me today I've been stacking up my money, yeah I'm feeling clean today Finally got the girl I wanted, yeah that girl she hella fine And she mine, and she super thick Got her singing like [Verse 2] Aaliyah-liyah-liyah-liyah that's my little chick But in my DM DM DM DM's got a lot of strippers Got your [?] Who'd ever thought it'd be this way I guess it's in my DNA I'm quiet but belligerent Respectful but I'm with the shits I talk it 'cause I lived in it When I talk they be listenin Lately I've been feeling it I want it, Imma get this shit My ego different I gain my confidence from ignorance [Bridge] I got a little bit of change switch my old jeans Fuck a piece of pie, I want to whole thing The way I see it going, only going up (up) Naw we not invited, we don't give a fuck [Verse 3] Still gon' show up with a pack Still gon' show up with that black liquor Throwin' up in the back Imma throw up to come back And go' pour up some more Jack with ya Roll up and get blacked, fuck it Hold up on that wax, nigga I'm far from sober, infact I ain't even tryna go back, nigga Been broke, so wack I ain't even tryna go back, nigga If your soul intact, then ya Don't wanna be that nigga that steal and waving your gun around Giving innocent people the run around Demons on my mind, I'm tryna dumb it down