Coyote - Mama lyrics

Mama, because I love you
Mom, it's me
I miss you, moms
Mama, because I love you
Man, are you looking through the albums again?
Those were the good days, moms

[Chorus: Coyote]
Mama's gonna laugh and smile
Mama's gonna sometimes cry (Sometimes cry)
Mama gonna be by your side (Mama, because I love you)
Mama be there right by your side (Right by your side)


[Verse 1:]
Mama made my clothes, way back, when I was little
Mama made me eat all my food, I cried a little
Mama used to tell me, "Don't give up, you'll regret it"
Mama used to tell me, "That's your goal, don't forget it"
Mama made me get up
"Go on, get up to it"
Mama made me cry when I was wrong, and I knew it
Mom, we've had some good times and we can all remember (Mama, because I love you)
Mama took the whip out, sometimes, I remember
Mama raised a family
Mama made it better
Mama, that's mama
How could you forget her?
Mama's gon' cry when grandma goes to heaven (Mama, because I love you)
Mama's gon' pray so that grandma gets to heaven
Mama hooks it up, camarones con nopales
Mama, you're the bomb, come Christmas, tamales
Mama, you're the bomb, you're the bomb, and I love you
And this one's for you
Dedicated, cause I love you

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2:]
Mama went to school on my first day of school
Mama, check it out
Yeah, you raised no fool
Mama made it possible
Mama made it happen
Mama told it how it was, mama's fingers kept snappin'
Mama's older now, but she's still full of life
Mama's still the boss, and that title's good for life
Mama told me once, "Chase a dream, make it happen" (Mama, because I love you)
So now, I break it down, put it down, keep ya clappin'
Mama's sad now, mama cries through the night
Mama says, "Grandma's glowing in her twilight"
Mama, tell you what, "Yeah, I'm right by your side" (Mama, because I love you)
Yeah, I'm feelin' what you're feelin', only God can decide
Grandma told me once, "Family love is eternal"
So I'm a believe
Grandma's soul is eternal
Mama, don't you worry now, you know that we love you
Mama, that's my moms
Mom, cause I love you

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I remember way back, since way back, mom
Wanna tell you that I love you, ma, love you, love you, ma
Yeah, life ain't always happy, but we smile on, mom
One day at a time
"Breathing life with the smile on"
You told me that once
And I quote you everyday
Everyday, we pray
Pray we make it through the day
I see my babies play, life changing everyday (Mama, because I love you)
And we can't stop that
And all's we got is us
So we smile on, facing life, hoping for the best
And that's the truth, ma, yeah, I'm coming with the truth
I wish we'd never cry, mama, hate to see ya cry (Mama, because I love you)
Mama, don't you worry, grandma lives on inside of us
Pass life to all of us
Gave life to all of us
Talkin' generations, so here's a thanks from all of us
Love ya, love ya, simply sayin', you're the bomb
Mama, you're the bomb, so I'm singing you this song

[Chorus: repeat to fade]