Countess - Under The Sign Of The Celtic Cross lyrics

The druid slept under the oak
A lone raven whispered evil words
Called to Lugh lord of battle
Followed the spear to hail & kill

Hordes of Gog & Magog in the sky
Under the sign into war we marched
Filled the forests with blood of priests
Defended our race with honour & pride

Slaughtering disciples of holy lies
Pain we never felt only hate
Protecting our secret country in fury
But too many liars came to our lands

Facing defeat with unbowed heads
For centuries the light of day they ruled
But in the dark night Celtic rites prevailed

Now the druid has awakened
Lost sword found the raven flies again
Sons of coldness & woods return
Our ancestors will be avenged at last

Again we march under the sign
Once more soil will mix with blood
Deny the preachers of love & peace
Join the proud legions to hail & kill

Days of darkness & evil await us
In storms and rain we fight again
Showing no mercy to cowards and traitors
Out of chaos new order to arise

Pure tribes will ride into glory again
The millennium of light soon to fall
The Celtic rites will now prevail forever