Countess - The Metal Creed (The Oath Of Steel) lyrics

I swear allegiance to true metal
To fight the false with the power of steel
Forever true to the gods of metal
To no man shall ever I kneel

There's blood upon the walls of conformity and greed
Swords of doom are whirling to fight for the metal creed
We exist and breathe for metal, it's the only way to live
Forever sworn to steel, the false ones we won't forgive

Hear the sound of metal, so strong and pure and mean
Striking with dark powers we're louder than we've ever been
No mercy and no love for such weakness we don't care
By the power of the hammer the oath of steel we swear


There's blood in all the halls of sanctity and lies
Blades of gloom are spinning through the metal skies
We hear the call of metal it's rallying us to fight
Forever true to heavy metal we ride on through the night

Hear the clash of power, so wild and crazy and rough
Attacking with evil might we're never gonna get enough
Warriors of true metal we take on all who dare
By the force of metal's gods the oath of steel we swear