Countess - The Legend Of The Fall lyrics


An angel of light, his glory shining bright
His splendour reflecting on Heav'n's golden walls
Bathing in God's image, watching the Creation
The praises of the angels filling all of Heav'n's halls

But deep within the soul of the brightest of the angels
A shadow of doubt begins to grow
And His desire for knowledge fans a spark of rebellion
So to confront the Creator he does go


"Tell me, thee that knowest all
Thee that speaketh "all is well"
Is all well, because thou speaketh thus?
How are we to know, how to tell?"

"How darest thou question me
I who created thee and all
Thee that exists only by my whim
Bow before me or thou shalt fall!"

"Thy right to judge me I deny
I did not ask thee to create me
Neither did any of the other angels
I will not bow but fight to be free!"

"Such insolence I will not stand
Thy pride a scornful thorn in my side
I condemn thee now, unfaithful one
Only I can tell wrong from right!"


The status quo in Heaven suddenly destroyed
The angels divided, siding with Lucifer or their lord
The loyal celestial army led by archangel Michael
Lucifer Himself leading His rebellious horde

War drums resound, a battle in the heights of Heav'n
Fierce is the fighting, angelic forces balanced well
At last the Creator's armies emerging victorious
The rebels for ever and ever cast down into Hell


"From the highest heights fallen to the deepest depths
So here I am, down in Hell, my kingdom of despair
Lucifer bringer of light I was, Satan the adversary I am
I could still repent but for my grace I no longer care

Freedom is what I wanted and freedom is what I have
Achieved at great cost but nothing valuable comes cheap
I have chosen this my path and there can be no return
I will go on to the bitter end 'stead of sitting down to weep

And was I not right in standing up against the Creator?
Why did He in infinite wisdom answer questions with a threat?
What are His creatures more than toys for Him to play with?
Why did He in infinite goodness want to see us off worse than dead?

If He wants Me to be His adversary then so it shall be!
I still have the power to roam free in Hell and on earth!
I'll lead His humans out of their ignorance and away from Him!
And many will follow Me even after His son's birth!"


Humanity fell, like Lucifer, for the desire for knowledge
And surely we do bear a striking resemblance to Him
Do we not seek what is hidden and lust for the forbidden?
Do we not want to be more than just the Creator's whim?

Like Lucifer humanity has stood up against the tyrant
Like Satan humanity had a big price to pay
But what would existence be in servitude and submission?
If we had the choice again would there be any other way?