Countess - Black Duncan Rides Again (The Horned One's Revenge) lyrics

Deep in the highlands the creature he stands
Wicked and evil in shadows he hides
Thunder and lightning are lashing the hills
This night the Duncan he will ride again
Returned to the world from the fires of Hell
His eyes are ablaze see the horns on his head
Mounting his steed that is black as the night
Tonight steel and power shall triumph again

Back from the depths after hundreds of years
Evil incarnate he shall roam the lands
Raping the women and killing the men
Slaughtering children and eating their flesh
Bathing in blood he doth howl with the wolves
Mankind shall suffer his brutal revenge
The hatred of ages unleashed upon man
Total destruction the triumph of wrath

Highland victory

The banners of evil are waving again
God and his bastard are crying in Heaven
The Duncan triumphant is masturbating
Spilling his seed over corpses and ruins
The Master is smiling his vengeance complete
The utter perversion of Yahweh's creation
Darkness eternal now covers the lands
The chosen forever to bathe in His glory

Highland victory