Cory Gunz - Ymcmb MMG (feat. Meek Mill) (2011)

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Cory Gunz - Ymcmb MMG (feat. Meek Mill) lyrics

..blink on the trigger face little nigga will big the base
Know me I’m homie ..some money you wonder now
I’m nigga 2012 with the number ..
talking that shit they don’t know who they’re rapping with
post I say fast ..i turn the boots to the ..
Get my .. b*tch you see me like my mother home
She b*tchie .. my dog is back with another ..
.. dollar is swallow back ..Twitter follow that
I’m booking face my number .. social
Your money cash money we’re coaching coachie
Slow up .. with them local vocals ..
..... know me ...
‘cause too slow .. for the low, none if I saw the chick that it go
... in the middle of the summer .. the drama they wanna
some niggas they run .. automatic get cut ..
should be spitting .. on the way I’m going ..
thirty i got a .. I go .. heavy on and nigga sleeping on me like ..
Night mare on the .. label, I tell em put the dirt on the table
You have a scene .. money, come on and look for king I had a dream money
I can tell you nigga never seen money
We sell white girl Christine money
Aguilera I’m his fan .. niggas whisper when I come to ..
I know these s*ckers they can see me though
My daddy in the .. I let em .. I don’t need the hoe
‘cause I got my paper ...

B*tch I’m gone
I get it