Cory Gunz - Dope Game (2010)

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Cory Gunz - Dope Game lyrics

Yeah, young money, cash money, militia gangs
And they say New York city, bounce
Fuck it, I’m the youngest street nigger, time you ever know
Never ask something all I knew was mommy wasn’t home
So with niggers stood alone, with the … by the phone
Watchin Jimmy roll bones, while Jonny roll bones
There’s a hommie on my side every time I nigger(?) home
What the fuck cause when the ... blow to your … keep it goin
I’m … how come niggers … with the way I sound stones bloody …
… I jones, suddenly I phone, … rest in peace …
… on my skin tattooed to the fucking N forever
True is definition to me for the frame such a … hair
… get and … of the niggers jump shit
Never sing before they swim fit it for this rap shit
I am hip-hop hymn, ask any of these niggers .. they tell you…
Young money with the fuck a stop them see’em, pop them chop them, drop them hot
Militia gangs being an option, no considering the reason she … drop it
You niggers got a way to talk about you out of way, niggers sound an old…
Talking about they got a lot of … , you might as well hate, cause now is never late
The … bought to have me like my … …
They, pussy I expect like a prom date, tell you you’re a disgrace to your fucking mom face
The things … that, my bro’s in the spot, and my flows head hands in … night (?)
You niggers throw subliminals whether you know or not,
You’re lucky if I throw a punch before I throw a shot
I don’t spit, I smutch, shit, get the … , my niggers used to pot pick , now they pickin the pot
My niggers still spot stick still sticking spots
Anytime my niggers think the clock will tiki-toks
Fall back and niggers need to get a spot
I’m not bullshit I’m trying to be biggest pac, watch

I rhyme … so plane, that’s why I get it like a nigger in a dope game
I’m tied to the … road chain, that’s why I get it like a nigger in a dope game X3