Cornmeal - The Way It Oughta Be lyrics

The Way It Oughta Be words and music by Kris Nowak

No more workin', no more slavin'
I got to get right back to where I ought to be
No more worryin', no more cryin'
I'm gonna live my life the way it ought to be

I started up this morning with an awful painful pounding in my head
How I wished I could go back to sleep but still I had to get up out of bed
I brushed my teeth and dressed myself and washed my coffee down with a couple pills
But that headache wouldn't leave me any quicker than that foot high stack of bills


I woke up the wife and kids and said "better pack up what you want or what you will,"
And we loaded up the trailer, tied her off and then we headed for the hills
We just left the rest, the house, the car, the TV and computer, and just as well
I phoned up all my creditors and I told 'em they could all just go to hell


We drove and drove forever in and out of every little kind of town
But we had to find a place where no one ever could try and track us down
And so we drove north of the border where we found ourselves a special piece of land
Now I'm a fishing, drinking, making music, sleeping, eating, lady loving, I don't have to answer to the man