Cornmeal - Pocket Full Of Time lyrics

Pocket Full of Time words and music by Dave Burlingame

The times that pass have now been cashed-in, marching in a line
Darling tell me that it's true, I spent it all with you
But now it seems like only change, tossed down a well of time
Cause now I've got so many things to do

And I've only got a pocket full of time
I've only got a pocket full of time
I hope you give me credit and extend another line
Cause I've only got a pocket full of time

The times we spent were heaven sent and never cost a dime
Counting pennies on the way, saving for a rainy day
But now it's just another IOU I didn't care to sign
But the interest paid is worth the price they say


The current rate for love is great and costing me some pain
Pining for you every night, hear me calling out your name
And so today I'll layaway my sorrow and my shame
Waiting for the day I see you once again