Corner Boy P - Holy Water (2013)

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Corner Boy P - Holy Water lyrics

It's great started
Bitch nigga
It's not a swagin
Blind lick cop over runin
Bitch I want it
All hun is when I count it
She do blow a had a house ..dollar mountin
So much stop and these bitch it all have a ..
30 for 30 at the light I need them 30
30 bottles at the ..thirst the holly drownin
Bitch I ain't nothing but a star killer
Find the ..nigga
And I was ..all on my doubt nigga
Find all triger real a sign nigga

And nigga I still picture like a mount of mile
I don't see your little niggas, money bottle ..
Nigga you're wepless, go somwhere and catch a ride
I put this .. bottle wipe you like my fucking child
Bitch now I beat that pussy like a beat of ..
..being holly
Tell .. this time I ain't ball a holy
Oh bitch our nigga come and make a nigga pulish fuckin car
Cause all are some real shit mi niggas well..
I talked your hommie out take your bitch get the moe
Startin album rock before you know as..
That we've heard about
Nigga I'm up an low with my go desire
Bitch I'm up and Gucci where my ..
Cause I'm the queen of bitch, Jimmy Choe, Loober Toe
Nigga I'll be sippin money and smoke strough
A..of chain that's what I'll pe paid to solve
..just in case of before
Cause I request the shit really like a let me yo
do do do past nigga
I cut up in the ..
It stand I'm a diller
I put it .. whatever
These niggas catch a fellows
They're bitch on my ..
Now what the fuck else to say, no bitch is fila'
The wheels in the ..
Bitch I buy the building
Don't buy a car
I'm layin on a million