Corner Boy P - Box Chevy (2013)

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Corner Boy P - Box Chevy lyrics

Somebody told me that them people watch
With 20 cars that's a sight to see, nigga, nigga, nigga

I'm a dope dealer, chrome motor wood wheelr
Sway ceilin, leather seats, big ceiling
No nigga illa, I think I got a fuckin sickness
I'm back sippin, 2 sips just to kill my sickness
She say I'm ignant, but bitch you know you fuckin with a
Track killer, and these niggas are fuckin with me
Full time grindin, and you niggas be part timin
My presy whinin, and your shit sounds like it's clickin
I be shittin don't even know it, hoe you think I'm sorry
Bitch I be smokin gas, I could start a ferarri
My hoe bad and she sexy as a lamborghini
She know down to fuck, whip it but I don't really mean it
Niggas hate to see a nigga doin his thang
Pussy niggas wanna snatch a nigga chain
Pussy niggas must die today
Cause gaurantee he ain't gonn see tonight

Somebody told me that them people watch
With 20 cars that's a sight to see,
Break diamond hundred with my nigga C
And yeah I know them bitches watching me
But I just went and buy a box chevy
Spent 11 hundred now it's worth 80
My old rollie got the small faces
My new rollie's got the big faces
I heard them same pussy niggas hatin
Way you turn call me pussy nigga be patient
Right now I'm focus on this fuckin paper
And right now getting paper is the mission
I kill you niggas when I'm fuckin bored
I fucked your bitch cause I was fuckin bored
You put that bitch and I had her a call
An I, ...and I hand her a car
Straight work, cause all I know is hustle hard
Straight ism, could break a bitch with pearl part
Real nigga, ain't fuckin with these lames at all
And these niggas just fallin off
I'm fuckin buku bitches cause I do my thang
Get the whole chicken you couldn't get a wing
Fly nigga, little nigga, we are not the same
Bummy nigga, red bone couldn't get you wings

I heard them same pussy niggas hate
Well I just went and bought a box chevy
The same niggas who want fuckin with me
That be the same niggas hatin
Like I own something, like I need a work
And they frontin something
Like I got instant shit that ...burner, we murder something
Funny niggas, you pussy niggas ain't heard nothing
Pussy niggas know it's just life or nothing
That's real nigga shit
I got plenty hoes I don't need a bitch
Down on my niggas on team switch
Bout my watch real, you might hear a tick.