Cormorant - Sky Burial lyrics

Fade into stars
As god machines
With our arms
We will shape the world
With this breath
We become the world

In parts I lie, staring at the clouds
And listening to the vultures sing
the husk beneath this shroud
Brings alms to fallow wings
Vines spring from my blood
Wheat grows of my flesh and bone
The birds descend from above
To lift my body from the stone

A fair trade, my clay for a soul
So a pigeon thrives while I have passed
The mountain justly claims its toll
To break the raptors' fast
Their shrieks soothe as siren calls
Their talons dancer's hands
Why angels don demon shawls
Is not for us to understand

I glide in feather's embrace
Their beaks beckoning the frost
To fly past the fog, to rise into grace
And join the loved ones we had lost
The falcons roost upon the wind
I mediate until the morn
Absorbing times I've loved and sinned
At light I wake, a being reborn