Coram Lethe - Your God Also Cries lyrics

When I feel your breathe that brushes my bare skin
Re-kindling my flames
Your velvet touch fills the room with my moaning
"Come to me, now"
Biting my lips i follow you in a passionate dance
My white knight
Why do your hands tighten on my neck?
It may break
"Don't be afraid"

I fire and pray that the eye of some pitying God
Will guide my hand and my prayer be confused with the detonation

I fire and I kill him, the monster dies
Disappears forever in the dusk of the room and my memory

Looking at the inert body you fall into remorse
A demon falls suffering as the angels die
And your God also cries when a demon dies

There's a line where everyone walks the tightrope of life
It's not killing that annihilates he who kills

Your road is easy to follow your invitation tempts me
Take me away

The abyss of temptation is open wide before me
"Don't hesitate"
Drops of perspiration like white pearls slip down my body
Demons cry
Your seductive outline in the shadow of the room, what am I doing?
"Forget it"