Coram Lethe - Cold Winter Of Fallen Stars lyrics

Running in the rivers of immense loneliness
The water, its voice, its dance, only friends
The breath that lives mists my look
Pale moon where are you?
Shining snow is melting in my hands
And pours her tears on the searing stone

No trying to escape now it's too late
Hold me tightly my spirit could die

Dimension where I'm going is unknown

With the ice in my veins I'm searching for my identity
In what image can I discover my sensations
In the sky of a cold winter of fallen stars
(I cry, I die)

There are no longer those familiar faces with whom I exchange glances
But maybe it's my face that doesn't know itself...

The sad lights of the weeping winter
Breathing the colours of an ending

Imagine the end and bare trees
Like pale skeletons that speak no more
The icy season has made bare
That which you really are, you didn't know
The voices of children I'll hear no more
They are sweet echos like ancestral sounds