Coolie Ranx - Hangin' On lyrics

It was a perfect night for a rebound
I'd given up my hopes and dreams
She was so attentive she catered to all my needs
All the pain I thought she emphasized with me
It wasn't be for to long I was at her mercy

(She keeps hangin hangin On) Preyin on my vulnerabilty
(She keeps hangin On ) On and on and on

I tried I tried I swear I've tried to work my way back to you babe
But you make yourself busy and she plays on my weakness
And that's just what you see
It's no that this girl she treats me bad
For she treats me rather well
But my love for you baby well it keeps on risin from the depth where true love dwells
I find myself acceptin things that I'd never except from you
I toss it over and over in my mind until I feel jus like a fool

I'll try I'll tryI swear I'll try to make this all up to you babe
Plus I conquered my weakness and I want you to see this man that I've become.
It's not that this girl she treated me bad but it's different between you and me.
I toss it over and over in my mind so I know jus what to do.
I find myself projectin thoughts so I know that it's time to leave
Now this might sound crazy but I want you with me befiore the next mornin

I keep hangin on, hangin on (waitin on a response from you baby)
I keep hangin on hangin on waitin on you baby waitin on you waitin on you.