Coolie Ranx - Flippin' Pages (Over And Over) lyrics

A universal explosion crafted me and molded me in the image of God
Within me lies unlimited powers to used in the name of love
This vessel is a livin temple in a state of meditation
It manifest postivie or negative if it's thought with conviction

I want to dispell and eradicate ego driven pretenses in life
Just keep it real simple but profund separate friends from foes
Our common bonds are often overlooked and over shadowed by acts of fear
Uncertainty I persue now with a smile I know that love is my shield

The light ah me father the father ah me light me nah fear no one indeed
Not a wicked man or gunman or gunman wicked man who tries to intercede
Cos when the lights turn off me jus go down on me knees
Open up a dialogue with the Almighty
He says, "stay conscious and the blessin you'll recieve
And give ah helpin hands now to those in need"
I'm like u got dat and I really appreciate
Every step u take to keep me straight